Most Recent Web Feedback (19th May 2010)

We've been getting very positive feedback over the last few weeks. Here are the most recent comments from my mailbox, Youtube and Silat TV.


Hi Joanna

I have just finished reading all your articles on this site and I must say I really like your approach. Cutting away all the bullshit that is associated with the awesome art of taiji leaves it with real martial and combat skills designed to work onreal opponents in real situations.

I come from a kung fu (southern chow gar tong long) back ground that was all about hammering an attacker with punishing blows and I see that it exists in taiji, though most like to live in dream land and pretend mystical qi power will save their ass. It does such a dis-service to what I consider a pinnacle art.

I have trained in yang style taiji for many years and the fellow I learnt from has brutal technique and power. No fairy floss or air fairy prancing just fantastic martial skill that is in line in almost everyway with the kung fu that I learnt (though different tachniques).

Seeing that made me fall in love with taiji as a martial art and realising that hidden inside slow form are all these devestating combat applications. It is refreshing to read your thoughts on qi and to see your down to earth no bull straight forward in plain simple english using western scientific concepts to explain the principles under pining taiji. I love it.

If I ever get a chance to travel to the UK I'll be coming to do a class or two with yaz. Anyway thanks for wisdom and more power to you and your crew.



Great video....I also like your website. You're one of the few tai chi instructors who get it right - eliminating the mystical wooliness in favor of the practical application of this great art. I wish you a speedy recovery on your lung condition, and my sympathies to poor Julie!


Very nice work, tip of the hat to you madame ;-)


This is just one more of the great videos you guys make. No way could I compare you to Montaigue....much smaller Dan Tian and less facial hair....LMAO. Keep up the great work, and a big "God Bless Y'all" from all of us across the pond.


It's a shame I don't live in the UK. I find your approach very interesting.


You obviously know your stuff. nice video.


I practiced Tai-Chi for several years I aknowledge many of its potentials including developing resistance to pain through relaxation but I still have some doubts about its full potential when it comes to self deffense. But I think this video is pretty good and so are the applications presented and the way they are presented.

------------'re hot...*runs away*


I just got your Hsing I & Pagua DVd's. The Hsing I DVD states Vol. One on the cover? Is there a Vol. two? Do you have any weapon DVD's?



Dear Ms. Zorya,

I'm a taijiquan teacher in Canada. I just wanted to say how much I like your videos and your approach.

I notice that you haven't posted any new videos since those in February when you were wearing the anti-disenfibrilation´╗┐ qi-tronic sub-atomic batch converter. I hope the machine did the trick, and that you have not been permanently assimilated. I know that the ADQTSABC is a good machine, and that it is far preferable to long-term use of artificial enfibilators.

Please keep up the good work. I look forward to future instalments.


Ian Sinclair


no, i totally understand where your coming from. when you get new students fresh off the street then you have to give them a base to work from, and as you rightly say train them in the correct movement pattern. if they try to diversify right off the batt they will end up confused and lacking in ability.

i do feel that our approach to tai chi is similar, in that we see it for what it is, i.e. a fighting art. i guess i just use it predominantly for wrestling because thats kinda how it makes sense to me as a fighter. i owe tai chi so much though, the sensitivity (hua) from pushing hands, the posture, understanding how to generate power from the floor through the coiling motion of the waist. the eureka moment for me was understanding that sweeps on the ground when playing jiu jitsu are the same as throws and takedowns standing up, you get your center of gravity underneath theirs to control it and then destroy their base; pushing hands taught me that 100%. i used to listen to my BJJ instructor go on about it all the time and never understood it, but then when i thought about it the way i think about pushing hands, BAM! it just all came together. its a disgrace that no one in MMA admits to using tai chi, but almost every fighter borrows heavily from it without even realising. posture, alignment, yeilding, it all comes into play in every fight, and for me that is tai chi summed up, using their energy against them. fighters do that all the time in MMA but no one realises how good they would get at it if they trained tai chi. i dominate guys who have had 10+ fights in sparring sessions at my gym and their like, "woah dude, your wrestling is sick, who's you greco-roman instructor? who's your judo instructor?" and im just like, "nah, man i just do tai chi, a bit of jam jhong, a bit of the yang 8 step form, some pushing hands", and usually they just laugh and assume i'm joking! if only they knew the power of Pung, Lu, Ji, and An!!

Take care of yourself, peace,



good video , very clear explanations! thanks for posting.


Great video. I also can relate with accidental injuries to students. I had a student, a large man, think he was going to get one in on me. I warn all my students to go slow, because I tend to pace myself to the opponent. Despite reminding him AGAIN, he decided taking a full on punch at me would somehow be "funny". I was demonstrating use of the forearm in combination block/strike. I blocked his punch and struck the vagus nerve at full speed. I knocked the poor man out. oops! But in doing so I did however prove Three points. One listen to me when I say go slow for safety sake, Two being bigger doesn't always dictate outcome of conflict, and Three the effectiveness of the technique. Some could argue a forth being men can't listen. lol j/k

On another note regarding another technique when you have someone in a wrist on the floor. You can also step over the arm and slight spin. With the legs at the knees hitting front on the wrist/forearm, and back hitting the elbow. The momentum and body weight will break the elbow. You also still have control of the arm and can inflict excessive pain to the opponent. Extreme care should be taken with that technique.


Thank you Joanna for accepting my friendship request. I enjoyed watching your videos, it's obvious that you have acquired the skill that others are still striving for! Keep up the good work!


Good to see you here Sifu!


Thats great to hear :) Yes your DVDs are always excellent, I still enjoy and learn from your Bagua DVD.

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