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52 mins

Taiji Foundations

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This first DVD of our brand new series examines fundamental Taiji principles in detail. As well as basic standing and walking practice, we look at simple exercises designed to get you to understand the crucial qualities of Taiji movement, namely "peng" expansive strength, reeling silk rotation and undulation. This DVD introduces the first 4 methods - peng, lu, ji and an. Peng and an are shown in a modular fashion that increases their power with each additional component. Then we add advancing and retreating stepping to make the techniques more realistic and three-dimensional. We then make the two methods into a circle and reverse that circle to explain lu and ji. Single technique practice and straight line forms (roads) are shown before combining the movements into a short linking sequence incorporating the classic sequence "Grasping the Bird's Tail".

This DVD introduces a much more free-form approach to Taiji by aiming to explain the fundamental principles that can put you back in charge of your own training. Want to repeat a move or leave something out because you've run out of room? Want to make up your own practice routine? Go ahead...

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