Rolling Thunder Boxers™ Boardgame

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Rolling Thunder Boxers™


Not just one game, but two - Rolling Thunder Boxers™ is set in the world of Kung Fu Heroes.

In Game One - "Nine Palaces™", two players vie to be the first to expand their empire by enthroning their Emperor in the enemy palace. He is aided by a small army of fierce Xingyiquan spearmen, agile Monkey Boxers - leaping and twirling their staffs, deceptive and powerful Mizong swordsmen and the legendary Baguazhang "Rolling Thunder Boxers™" armed with flashing deer-hook knives.

In Game Two - "Boxer Tafl™", one player sets out to get his Emperor past hostile enemy soldiers to the safety of an allied palace. His or her opponent takes on the role of his enemy by trying to thwart his mission.

Both games are entirely strategy based. Rolling Thunder Boxers™ is subtle and sophisticated enough to challenge the most seasoned gamer, while at the same time being lots of fun and very, very exciting. If you fancy a fun diversion and an opportunity to think tactically about the unique properties of different Kung Fu styles, Rolling Thunder Boxers™ is very much for you.

Thundering Hooves™

Price: £7.50


Thundering Hooves™ takes Rolling Thunder Boxers™ to the next level. A deluxe sized game-board allows play for 2-4 players. (Note: unlike many games designed for more than 2 players, this game also plays perfectly with just 2 players).

Thundering Hooves™ Board

Two new soldiers have been introduced, increasing both the complexity and subtlety of the game.

Mounted Archers add greatly to the long range arsenal of the warring armies, firing deep into enemy lines.

The Taiji Swordsman makes an excellent close range fighter, as well as having some special tricks up his sleeve. When the opponent advances, he gets ever further away. When the opponent retreats, the Taiji Swordsman crowds him all the more...

Please note: you need Rolling Thunder Boxers™ to play this supplement.

Deluxe Edition

Price: £16.50


Rolling Thunder Boxers™ Deluxe Edition

Buy both Rolling Thunder Boxers™ and Thundering Hooves™ together for just £16.50

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